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Blacklist is an action-adventure stealth video game developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

Players control Sam Fishera spymaster working for the Fourth Echelon, in a mission to sc blacklist задание ищите женщину the Engineers, a group of terrorists which is trying to coerce the United States into recalling all of its troops stationed abroad. The game endeavors to combine elements of its predecessors, including the action focus of Conviction and the stealth focus of the older games. Blacklist marks the return of the asymmetrical multiplayer mode Spies vs.

Mercs, which was introduced in Pandora Tomorrow. It is the first title developed by Ubisoft Toronto, a studio founded by Ubisoft in Blacklist is the first Splinter Cell game starring Eric Johnson as Sam Fisher, since series veteran Michael Ironside was unable to perform motion capture for the game.

The game received generally positive reviews when it was released, with praise for its level design, story, gameplay, combat, soundtrack and multiplayer mode. However, criticism was sc blacklist задание ищите женщину at its dated graphics, lack of challenge and ending.

In Blacklistplayers assume control of series protagonist Sam Fisher as he seeks to stop a terrorist group called the Engineers.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

The gameplay emphasizes stealthand utilizes the third-person perspective. During the game, players can rotate its camera, run, crouch and leap over obstacles. Since Blacklist intended to continue the "aggressive stealth" of Conviction while retaining the traditional stealth features of the older games, it combines action and stealth, [2] and allows players to use different approaches and methods to complete objectives and defeat enemies.

To avoid this, players can hide corpses. Players can play a sc blacklist задание ищите женщину aggressive run-and-gun game by using gadgets and weapons to eliminate enemies. They can interact with environmental objects, such as ledges and zip-linesto navigate levels. When they attack, they can kill all marked targets instantly.

Players have the option to kill them, leave them untouched, or incapacitate them, [11] and the game classifies their choices in one of three categories: Ghost stealthy playPanther stealthy, aggressive playand Assault aggressive play. Players can also use the interface to access multiplayer sc blacklist задание ищите женщину and missions.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

Players can still decide whether to spare their targets or kill them after interrogation, [19] and these decisions influence the relationship between Fisher and other crew members. Mercs" competitive mode introduced in Pandora Tomorrow again appears in Blacklist.

Spies, in third-person perspectiveare sc blacklist задание ищите женщину with smoke grenades and flashbangs and are tasked with hacking computer stations heavily guarded by mercenaries.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

Mercenaries, in first personcan access lethal and longer-range weapons despite being unable to stealth-kill enemies. Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину, supporting teams of 2v2, and Blacklist, supporting 4v4 action. Blacklist also has a co-operative multiplayer mode, where each mission can sc blacklist задание ищите женщину accessed by talking with the crew of the Paladin. Crew members offer a variety of missions and requirements for completing them, and players play as Fisher or his colleague Briggs; both have the same abilities.

Mercs, Blacklist has other multiplayer modes including Uplink control, Team Deathmatch, and Extraction. ConvictionThird Echelon is dissolved sc blacklist задание ищите женщину Sam Fisher works as a contractor for the private military corporation Paladin 9 Security, ran by his best friend Victor Coste.

Sam and Coste were caught in the crossfire and Coste is heavily injured. Soon afterwards, a faction known as the Engineers takes responsibility, announcing a series of attacks on the United States, the titular Blacklist, which will continue until the U. Charged with stopping the Engineers, the group uses the cargo plane Paladin as its command center.

Sam captures him at a militia headquarters in Benghaziand learns that he sold arms to the Engineers before the Guam attack. He finds an executed U. The Engineers launch a strike on the site with a hacked military drone, and Sam narrowly escapes. Believing that the next Blacklist attack is at ChicagoSam infiltrates the site of the attack and prevents the release of a biological toxin into the water supply. Nouri gives up intel on the Engineers in exchange for safety, leading to the discovery of an Engineer sleeper cell in London.

Sam infiltrates an abandoned mill where the cell is operating and finds files suggesting that Iran is behind the Engineers, as well as chemical sc blacklist задание ищите женщину and that Sadiq is on site. Sam is exposed to the chemical weapon when planting a tracker on a bomb, but continues to pursuit Sadiq, leading to his incapacitation and capture by Sadiq. Briggs rescues Sam, but Sadiq escapes.

Due to the files recovered by Sam being made public by the President, the United States and Iran are headed towards war. The files prove that Iran did not back the Engineers, and that the files he recovered at London were planted by the Engineers in order to lure the United States into a war.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

The President announces the new information sc blacklist задание ищите женщину deescalates the US-Iranian tension. The chemical weapon tracker leads to the Philadelphia city train yard, in time for the next Blacklist attack.

Sam and Briggs deploy to the site and disarms all bombs. With multiple Blacklist attacks foiled, the Engineers increase the rate of the Blacklist attacks sc blacklist задание ищите женщину once per week to once per day. Nouri says he is planted by Sadiq to distract the US government while Sadiq hijacks a fuel tanker, and that Sadiq is fully aware of Fourth Echelon. There, they fend off an attack from a drug cartel, tipped off by a bounty on Fourth Echelon sc blacklist задание ищите женщину Sadiq.

As Fourth Echelon heads to defend the next Blacklist attack, Sadiq disables Paladin with a computer virus, intending to crash it. The successful attack prompted the president to begin continuity-of-government procedures, transferring key government personnel into secure bunkers. Sadiq tortures the secretary of defense to authorize the file transfer, while Briggs turns himself in to Sadiq. Sadiq tries to flee Site F by stealing the Paladinusing Briggs and the hostages as human shields.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

Sadiq tries to escape on foot, and Sam incapacitates him after a fight. Sadiq boasts that he has already won; if he dies, twelve nations supporting the Engineers will declare war on the U. Although Sam spares Sadiq, he detains him. Intertwined with the main plot, the co-op missions begin with Fisher and Briggs infiltrating Kashmir. Finding a group of smugglers linked to the Engineers, Fisher and Briggs discover intelligence connecting them to the Russian intelligence organization Voron, before they escape during a drone attack.

Following a lead to a friendly missile base in Bangaloresc blacklist задание ищите женщину find the Indian inhabitants dead and Voron agents stealing the warhead from a missile. Securing the missile and learning that the agents are led by a man named Cherski, Fisher and Briggs escape as the building is destroyed and Indian authorities arrive. Fisher and Briggs reach an abandoned naukogradsurviving a drone attack, and find a secure medical facility said to contain an OpSat satellite sc blacklist задание ищите женщину device used by Fourth Echelon operatives with vital Voron information.

Instead, the base contains a comatose man.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

Rescuing the man, Fisher and Briggs narrowly escape as the base self-destructs and sc blacklist задание ищите женщину the patient to the Paladin. Grim identifies him as Mikhail "Kestrel" Loskov and Kobin confirms his identity, noting that they have a history detailed in Conviction.

Although it received generally positive reviews, it was criticized by series fans for lacking some features.

Sc blacklist задание ищите женщину

Mercs mode introduced in Pandora Tomorrow. The first was to create stealth which was satisfying and fun for players. According to the team, players gain satisfaction from stealth with freedom and choices which allow them sc blacklist задание ищите женщину develop a plan. Players must experiment, with each decision having consequences. This approach, the team thought, could help players to feel like elite, silent predators. Series veteran Michael Ironside did not reprise his role as the voice of Sam Fisher.

His part was played by Eric Johnsonwho also performed the motion capture. According to Ubisoft executives the change was made to take advantage of new performance-capture technology to enrich the game experience, and Ironside assisted Johnson with the role. Convictionsaid that he would return for the new game. Unlike Convictionthe game would have no interactive sc blacklist задание ищите женщину sequences. Instead, players could choose whether to kill or incapacitate a target after interrogation.

The system was not sc blacklist задание ищите женщину, and it was hoped that players would choose based on instinct. It added a crossbow, several new costumes, and two new missions which can be completed alone or with another player.

Blacklist received positive reviews. The review aggregator website Metacritic rated the PlayStation 3 version 84 out of[64] the Xbox version 82 out of[65] the PC version 82 out of[66] and the Wii U version 75 out of According to McCaffrey, the game was a satisfying stealth experience and an excellent, capable shooter increasing its replay value. He noted that several segments forced players to use the Mark and Execute feature, frustrating players who favored stealth over action.

Its multiplayer features were praised; according to McCaffrey, the co-operative multiplayer mode had enough content sc blacklist задание ищите женщину a separate game. Although he appreciated Spies vs. Mercs mode as refreshing, intense, and bloody. McCaffrey found the visuals unimpressive and most character models to be ugly; he also noted technical problems, such as screen-tearing and frame rate issues.

He thought Blacklist gave players too many rewards, making its universal-economy system a useless feature.

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