Golie gei бодибилдеры

Golie gei бодибилдеры

First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. I had alternated the shoulder area and length. Golie gei бодибилдеры the detail race design at the bottom, she perfectly cut and stitched golie gei бодибилдеры together. It was amazing and flawless. It fit perfect for me and the work was detail and artistic. This place is disorganized and dishonest.

The golie gei бодибилдеры incident, I brought 3 pairs of jeans in for basic hemming. This is almost double than the last time and what other places charge. I wish they would have told me when i dropped them off originally - I would not have gone there. Such terrible customer service.

Golie gei бодибилдеры

Will never go back and encourage you to find other options. I asked to speak with Golie, the owner and was told to come back the next day that there was nothing she could do. Total amateur hour in the way they run this business. Nice staff, always quick, professional, and attentive. I recently had a shirt tailored there. My daughter and I both were in golie gei бодибилдеры wedding and needed alternations done.

Not a simple hem but our dresses had several layers and sequins! First I want to say she has a very warm personality and knew exactly what we needed 2 make e dresses compliment our body types. When I came back golie gei бодибилдеры pick up our dresses I was so impressed with her work being the dress had a lot of intricate golie gei бодибилдеры The alterations were flawless! I highly recommend Golie for all your alterations I will definitely be going back! A true professional with a heart of gold!

Come to find two cotton t-shirts now had blue stains on them. They did not call me golie gei бодибилдеры tell golie gei бодибилдеры what happened, they did not tell me about it when I picked up my items, and they made me pay for them. When I went right back inside the girl behind the counter told me I had to come back and speak with Golie the next day.

Next day Golie was completely rude telling me I probably washed the shirts Learn some customer service! I was going out of town for a wedding one Saturday morning and I realized the two dresses I would be wearing that weekend needed to be ironed badly! I came by, dropped them off and went to Starbucks, and the dresses were ready in less than an golie gei бодибилдеры.

Super thankful for them accommodating me with such short notice! She made a dress into a maternity dress for me so creatively and affordable. She can do custom work, and I am always so pleased w their customer service. It feels like a "Cheers" bar when you walk in- all of their customers walk in and they know by name and ask them how the "event" was, etc After a significant weight loss, I started getting rid of a lot of now ill-fitting clothes.

I gathered up my items and dropped in here.

Golie gei бодибилдеры

I was helped right away and found Golie to be delightful. Although I am far from an alterations aficionado, I found her prices to be fair. It golie gei бодибилдеры during the holiday season and she was clear about a realistic timeline and she stuck to it. I plan to return here for any future alterations.

Golie gei бодибилдеры

Golie is the best! She custom made my sleeves to my dress, made a custom bodice and even added appliques in all the right places. I went from tears of stress to tears of joy in her dressing room. She did an amazing job on altering my wedding golie gei бодибилдеры. I felt like I could trust her expertise since my very first appointment. She was honest, genuine, and willing to do whatever she could to make it perfect. She was SO much less expensive then other alterations and she truly invested her best work in making my wedding dress turn out just the way I imagined.

Golie completed the alterations in a timely manner, never hesitated to have me come try it on again to make subtle changes, and also took on golie gei бодибилдеры my bridesmaids dresses too! All of that and she was affordable! She is absolutely wonderful at what she does! I liked this golie gei бодибилдеры initially as it was conveniently located. I recommended it to my friends too. But the quality has just golie gei бодибилдеры worse lately and when I politely told the owners how the clothes were not clean twice in a row, they were rude and defensive.

I actually had to open my dry-cleaned uniform right in front of them to check and showed it to the girl working at the counter. Overpriced, bad dry cleaning quality and bad customer service.

Never going back again. Look for a better service elsewhere. Owner was exceptionally rude and very unfair in handling my golie gei бодибилдеры. Ended up paying almost twice as much as initially agreed upon. I would strongly discourage doing golie gei бодибилдеры with them.

Golie gei бодибилдеры

They were VERY rude. Brought our jerseys here, she was upfront, price was right, took a week longer than expected but they got the job done, the jerseys are clean and smell good and they amazingly got stains out, etc Golie is your gal she is sweet and timely with her work.

I love her personality and I hope more people learn about how great her business is. She has high integrity and is reasonably priced for alterations and cleanings. She is innovative in that she opened the back for me and kept the dress the same so when I lose weight I can put the dress back the way it was and wear it again!

A few days before my wedding I decided golie gei бодибилдеры drop off my bridal skirt to be steamed for a touch up before the big day. It only needed a little bit of steaming at the train, otherwise it was great. I asked if it could be finished by the next morning and the lady said no problem, come back at the same time tomorrow morning. I arrive the next morning and she says, oh I just set up the steamer can you come back in an hour? I was annoyed, but said alright. I came back to get my skirt, I was in a hurry as my day was thrown off by it not being ready the first time around, so I paid and took it home.

What a huge regret! I open my bridal bag to see my beautiful crepe skirt hanging on hooks jammed into the golie gei бодибилдеры. The fabric is heavy and pulled tiny holes and snags in the fabric. I golie gei бодибилдеры not jam hooks like this into golie gei бодибилдеры regular clothing let alone my wedding gown.

Not only was golie gei бодибилдеры not well steamed, in fact it was more wrinkled than when I left it there, it also had a grey smudge on the train like someone stepped on it. I am so upset. I spent good money on this gorgeous skirt to have golie gei бодибилдеры treated this way. Going to a cleaner to get something pressed and come home with a stain?!

Golie gei бодибилдеры

I went out to buy my own steamer to fix the wrinkles, but there will be no fixing the holes or snags. What a huge disappointment. I cannot believe how bad this service was. Golie gei бодибилдеры very, very, very much regret having paid and left without checking it first.

Lesson learned the hard way. These folks do excellent cleaning and alteration work. Today my comment is regarding integrity.

Golie gei бодибилдеры

I brought in a faux fur throw for cleaning. The owner explained that dry cleaning would not do the trick, that the item had to be cleaned with water.

She could have easily taken my money and dry cleaned anyway, but she was honest and told me that dry cleaning would not remove the offensive odor from the item. I appreciate her honesty and wish that every business owner were like this! I was surprised that the shirts had been returned not cleaned at all, golie gei бодибилдеры pressed. I brought this golie gei бодибилдеры their attention and my next shirt came back bleached, which faded the patches making the uniform look very shabby.

Golie gei бодибилдеры

Plus while the shirt seemed cleaner, golie gei бодибилдеры marks I had noted prior to cleaning are still there. Now with additional costs for replacing ruined patches, I cannot recommend the cleaners as a responsible establishment. We have used them twice and so far so good. Has worked on several of my dresses and did a great job, and we have been going to her for maybe a good 15 yrs, my mom golie gei бодибилдеры her closes to get cleaned like every other week growing up.

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